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I wont be making songs for a while

2009-03-05 16:34:58 by Crakle

{===>>BAD NEWS<<===}
*Sigh* im taking a break on music and im trying to think of a song but i keep on dleting the melos i make because they arent good and im thinking of new ones so im still trying on FL and ill trie to make new songs but for now im a bit tired soo yeah

Comments would be nice please




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2009-03-08 08:04:43

Just keep those little demos you make. Because you could always go back and change just a little bit of it and it'll sound much better. It's what I do when it comes to music. :D I'll be making a fresh new ambient track for an upcoming ambient soundtrack. :)

Crakle responds:

I will & Awsome ill be listening to the new tracks


2009-03-14 19:37:04

Okay. That's cool. Don't worry. You'll think of something.

Crakle responds:

I hope so :P


2009-03-28 13:46:52

yeah unlike u im acually quitting making songs they literally suck so whats the poin t! good job on ur songs by the way there awsome u should keep going cuz u have really talent and i don't!!

Crakle responds:

Yeah you do..but anyways im still gonna fool around and try stuff with FL


2009-03-28 19:04:58

Aww, that sucks. Why would techno digitz quit? Just takes time is all. :P

(Updated ) Crakle responds:

Im not gonna quit XD im just gonna experiment more with it and im not gonna make songs untill i get nexus but technodigits7 quit i yeah i dunno exacly why but she did


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