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2009-04-05 18:04:43 by Crakle

Ive got interessting ideas for Trance 8D and im not making music till i get Nexus, Z3ta & vanguard AT LEAST but thats prob gonna be fairly soon so..

Untill then!


PS: Should i do ''Crakle'' written in a diffrent way like this... C |^ /\ |< |.. 3 <<== not sure if u can see it thoXD


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2009-04-10 17:21:02

Trance 8D? What's that?

And no, you shouldn't really change the way your name looks.

Crakle responds:

yeah your right i think i like Crakle just the way it is and Trance how to explain kinda like house & ambiant mixed with some synths <<== best i could explain lol XD


2009-04-10 17:21:36

something like that...

Crakle responds:

Whaha! yeah i guess im not too good in explaining