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2009-05-15 12:28:18 by Crakle

Im working on a song and ive got the main lead down. but i cant think of an intro or build up its stressing me out >8( i have no clue what to do im stuck



Comments? Help? Suggestions?

well if so,

comment away


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2009-05-17 08:43:06

Long time no see! Or talk.. or whatever, lol. Anyways, I can help you somewhat. What I usually do is start off with one sound [preferably a bell noise] and create a couple shot melodies for that sound. Then, I go into looking into other sounds and play those melodies and see if those other sounds fit in with the bell sound. What I mean is... set the bell melody on play, while using the keyboard keys to go along with the melody and see if anything sounds right. It works for me, not sure if it'd work for you. Actually, it works best for ambient that way I assume. Anyways, good luck and check back to me again! :D

Crakle responds:

Yeah i was thinking maybe bells would work and piano buuuutttt i dunno o.o
anyways thanks for the comment ;)


2009-05-17 10:32:51

That guy is right, it's the best way to experiment with your sounds to let it complement eachother. Eitherway he's also right about it that that is the most common thing to do for Ambient genres of music.

I'd prefer you make a bassline out of that melody, and a pad. combine those together with a beat, and let the melody stream in slowly. Try automations. ;)
Good luck, if you need help or anything contact me on msn.

Crakle responds:

but the pad's and bassline instruments suck and dont fit in but i agree with bells but when u come online i will talk to you anyways thanks for the help ;)


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